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​Our construction works includes the various sections regarding the starting and completion a building project, it involves design and build, engineering works and procurement work. We have highly skilled professionals who have vast experience in construction works from Pre Construction stage to the Post Construction stage.
Construction works is divided into the following:

  1. Design and Build: this involves the Design of the building i.e Drawing up a building plan to meet the requirements of the clients, land available and budget.
  2. Engineering Works: This involves the structural engineering part of construction that determines the strength and stability of a building starting from the foundation all the way to the roof.
  3. Procurement Works: this involves making materials available for your project works or construction works as at the time needed, we make supply of materials to site easy at very good rates so as to avoid any shortage of materials that will delay work execution.

When it comes to Construction, security is a very important factor that is why we have our Health and Safety Security Environment (HSSE) certificate and follow the best practices when carrying out construction.


At Benabel Investments Ltd we deliver quality services which spread across different industries ensuring that your requirement of our clients is being met

Property Consultants

We provide analysis of your estate and ensure that your occupied estate supports your business strategy

Project Control

We analyse and manage data gathered to help understand and influence the time and cost of your project

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