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​At Benabel Investments Limited, we analyze, recommend and provide solutions for Real estate or Property related projects. All solutions are provided by skilled and experienced Professionals with the focus from your priority such as Managing your lease administration process, Property Risk Engineering and Loss Control, Asset Valuation Services, Value Stream Mapping and Supply Chain Risk Management., Natural Hazards Risks and Data Quality.

When working with our clients, we employ a consultative approach that focus on Our relationship with our clients, The relationship of our clients with their environments, And the relationship of our clients’ buildings with the surrounding environment and the larger urban set-up.

With out expertise, our clients are informed on Business decisions about the portfolio they own or are considering investing in and help answer questions such as
- Where is the best location for my business?
- How can I use my property to attract the staff or customers needed to grow?
- What are the new trends in workplace management?
- How can I reduce my real estate costs?
- Should I buy or lease my real estate?


At Benabel Investments Ltd we deliver quality services which spread across different industries ensuring that your requirement of our clients is being met


We offer construction works which involve Design & build, Engineering works and Procurement works

Project Control

We analyse and manage data gathered to help understand and influence the time and cost of your project

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